Thu, 12. Dec. 2019   Rodler, Michael

Re-Entrancy Detection up to Block 8 Million with Sereum

After publishing our Paper on  "Sereum: Protecting Existing Smart Contracts Against Re-Entrancy Attacks" at NDSS 2019 we continued running experiments to identify new potential attacks happening in recent blocks of the Ethereum...
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 Tue, 24. Sep. 2019   Davi, Lucas

Prof. Davi joins Editorial Board of ACM TOPS

Lucas Davi joins as Associate Editor the Editorial Board of the renowned ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security (TOPS). ACM TOPS publishes high-quality research results in the fields of information and system security and...
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 Tue, 24. Sep. 2019   Surminski, Sebastian

Bachelor Seminars in the Winter Term 2019/2020

In the winter term, we offer two bachelor seminars with the topics Malware Analysis and Vulnerability Detection and Analysis.
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 Fri, 28. Jun. 2019   Davi, Lucas

Run-Time Attack Tutorial in Sibenik, Croatia

Why software errors can undermine crypto algorithms? Tutorial at the Real-World Crypto and Privacy Summer School in Sibenik, Croatia.
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 Mon, 08. Apr. 2019   Surminski, Sebastian

Presentation of Sereum at the NDSS Symposium

Michael Rodler presented Sereum, a new method to protect smart contracts, at the NDSS Symposium in San Diego, CA.
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 Sun, 03. Mar. 2019   Surminski, Sebastian

Best Poster Award: Automated Evaluation of Fuzzers

The poster about the automated evaluation of fuzzers by Sebastian Surminski, Michael Rodler, and Lucas Davi received the distinguished technical poster award on the NDSS Symposium 2019.
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 Wed, 06. Feb. 2019   Surminski, Sebastian

Poster Accepted: Automated Evaluation of Fuzzers

On the NDSS Symposium in February in San Diego, CA, we will present our new framework for automated evaluation of fuzzers.
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 Tue, 05. Feb. 2019   Surminski, Sebastian

New Research Assistant

In February David Paaßen joined the group of Prof. Lucas Davi.
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 Tue, 18. Dec. 2018   Kremer, Birgit

New Security Technology Protects Deployed Smart Contracts

Prof. Dr. Lucas Davi und Michael Rodler (v.l.n.r)
Since smart contracts can autonomously transfer values and rights on a blockchain, they are an attractive target for cyberattacks. Our working group has developed a solution for protecting smart contracts in cooperation with NEC...
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 Sat, 20. Oct. 2018

Novel attack techniques against Intel SGX security technology

The Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) are designed to protect sensitive data and program code from misuse. In collaboration with University of Padova, Italy and TU Darmstadt, Germany, we show the danger of zero-day...
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 Wed, 10. Oct. 2018   Surminski, Sebastian

Open positions as research assistant

For our Collaborative Research Center CROSSING we are hiring reasearch assistants.
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 Fri, 28. Sep. 2018

Great Success for Cyber Security Research in the Ruhr Area

The Excellence Commission yesterday approved the Cluster of Excellence "Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries (CASA)". The cluster is located at the Ruhr University Bochum and brings together scientists from...

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