Welcome to the Homepage for Research in Secure Software Systems

Our group started its activities at UDE from 1st December 2016. We conduct research in the area of system and software security. In particular, we develop new security technologies to mitigate software exploits for different processor architectures. Further research areas of our group are operating system security, trusted computing, mobile security, and hardware-based software security. More information on current research projects can be found on our research page.

Since summer term 2017, our group offers courses in the area of system and software security. More information on lectures as well as open bachelor and master theses can be found on our teaching page.

Current Announcements

 Mon, 16. Aug. 2021   Paaßen, David

Fuzzing Evaluation Framework Accepted at ESORICS

Our work on the evaluation of fuzzers has been accepted at 26th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS) 2021. In our paper My Fuzzer Beats Them All! Developing a Framework for Fair Evaluation and Comparison...
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 Tue, 30. Mar. 2021   Cloosters, Tobias

Erklärvideo „TeeRex: Sicherheitsscanner für Intel SGX-Enklaven”

Trusted Exceution Environments automatisch nach Schwachstellen absuchen mit TeeRex.
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 Wed, 10. Mar. 2021   Surminski, Sebastian

Seminar Embedded Security in Sommersemester 2021

Im Sommersemester findet ein Seminar zum Thema Embedded Security statt. In diesem Seminar werden Grundlagen und Methoden der Sicherheitsanalyse solcher eingebetteten Systeme vermittelt. Neben einer theoretischen Ausarbeitung...
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 Wed, 10. Mar. 2021   Surminski, Sebastian

Lehre im Sommersemester 2021

Im Sommersemester findet eine Vorlesung sowie eine Projektgruppe statt.
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 Thu, 11. Feb. 2021   Kremer, Birgit

Großer Erfolg beim 8. Deutschen IT-Sicherheitspreis

Alle zwei Jahre zeichnet die Horst Görtz Stiftung mit insgesamt 200.000 Euro die besten zukunfts-relevanten Innovationen der IT-Sicherheit aus. Für ihr neuartiges Werkzeug TeeRex zur Schwachstellenanalyse von Trusted Execution...
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 Mon, 07. Dec. 2020   Niesler, Christian

Paper Accepted at NDSS: Framework HERA allows hotpatching of real-time embedded systems

The paper 'HERA: Hotpatching of Embedded Real-time Applications' has been accepted at the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS) 2021. We present the first framework to allow hotpatching of real-time embedded...
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 Mon, 07. Dec. 2020   Surminski, Sebastian

Christian Niesler wins Eurobits Award

With his Master Thesis "Securing Real-time Embedded Systems Through Hotpatching" Christian Niesler wins the Eurobits Award that is endowed with prize money of 1000€. Congratulatons!
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 Fri, 06. Nov. 2020   Cloosters, Tobias

CSAW'20 Best Paper Finalist: TeeRex: Discovery and Exploitation of Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities in SGX Enclaves

Das Paper „TeeRex: Discovery and Exploitation of Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities in SGX Enclaves“ von Tobias Cloosters, Michael Rodler und Lucas Davi wurde von CSAW Europe in die Finalrunde der zehn besten Paper des Jahres 2020...
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 Wed, 14. Oct. 2020   Rodler, Michael

New Technology Fixes Security Vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts have made Ethereum the world's second largest crypto currency. However, recent criminal attacks exploited errors in the programmed contracts. Our research group, together with partners from industry, has developed...
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 Thu, 01. Oct. 2020   Surminski, Sebastian

New Research Assistant

In October Christian Niesler joined the group of Prof. Lucas Davi.
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 Tue, 29. Sep. 2020   Surminski, Sebastian

Lectures in the Winter Term 2020/2021

We have two lectures and a project group in the winter term.
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 Wed, 15. Jul. 2020   Rodler, Michael

Danger to Sensitive Data

In the course of our research on Trusted Execution Environments we discovered multiple vulnerabilities in security-critical software running in protected memory areas of modern Intel processors. In the worst-case scenario, harmful...
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